1) We _____ any meat - we are vegetarians. a) don't eat b) doesn't eat c) isn't eating d) aren't eating 2) _____ your Mum _____ you every day? a) do/call b) does/call c) is/calling d) are/calling 3) Carlo _____ today. a) don't work b) doesn't work c) isn't working d) aren't working 4) Peter _____ on the phone at the moment. a) talk b) talks c) is talking d) are talking 5) Elisabeth usually ______ to bed at 11pm. a) go b) goes c) is going d) are going 6) Jean and Scott _____ a party this evening. a) don't have b) doesn't have c) isn't having d) aren't having 7) Matthew _____ in Spain. a) don't live b) doesn't live c) isn't living d) aren't living 8) I sometimes _____ on Saturdays. a) work b) works c) is working d) are working 9) _____ they _____ volleyball now? a) do/play b) does/play c) is/playing d) are/playing 10) _____ you _____ anything interesting this weekend? a) do/do b) does/do c) is/doing d) are/doing




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