Who cooked last night's dinner for you?, Did you like the last movie you saw?, Did you walk here today?, What did you last thank someone for?, When was the last time you shopped? Where did you shop?, Who asked you the last question?, Did you exercise yesterday? For how long did you exercise?, What interesting topic did you talk about recently?, A young man kicked the vending machine. Why do you think he kicked it?, Which games or sports did you play this month?, When you traveled to another city or country, where did you stay?, The last time you ordered a pizza, who did you share it with?, How many times did you brush your teeth yesterday?, How many times did you shower yesterday?, What did you laugh about in the past few days?, What did you cry about in the past few days?, A woman cheated on a test. Why did she cheat?, Did you check your door was locked last night? What else did you check before going to sleep?, At what time did you arrive here?, What was the last present you received?, Can you remember the last song you listened to?, Did anyone famous die this year? Who?, Did you save any school work from your childhood? What did you save?, A man rubbed his head. Why did he rub his head?, Can you remember borrowing something? What did you borrow? Why did you borrow it?, Did you hope for anything lately? What did you hope for?, Have you tried baking? What did you bake?.

Simple Past Conversation Questions

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