human - people are ______ beings., zebra - A black and white striped animal., pilot - This person flies a plane., secret - Shhhh! It's a __________!, museum - A place to see art and statues., equal - =, tiger - An orange striped animal., cradle - Where a baby sleeps., table - We eat dinner at the dining room _______., silent - Being really, really quiet., frozen - Elsa's movie., music - Mr. K teaches this class., photo - Synonym for a picture., open - Antonym of closed., odor - A smell, it might be good or bad., diver - A person who dives., pony - A small horse., female - A woman or a girl., motor - What makes the car go., even - Not odd., baby - A newborn., locate - To find something., bonus - Extra, like in points or time.,

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