Gross Motor Skills: 1 months : Lifts chin, some control of head., 3 months: Can lift their head and chest when lying on their front., 6 months: Rolls over, can sit up for a short time without support, kicks legs when held up., 9-10 months: Crawls, begins to cruise (walking while holding on to objects)., 12-13th months: Stands alone, can walk without help., 18 months: Climbs onto furniture., 2 years (24 months): Propels a sit-on toy with their feet, throws a large ball. , 2 1/2 years  (30 months): Jumps from a low step, kicks a ball., New Born: Primitive reflexes such as grasp, moro, Fine Motor Skills: 1 months: Opens hands to grasp a finger. , 3 months: Can briefly grasp a rattle but may quickly drop it!, 6 months: Moves objects from hand to hand, can pick up dropped toys if they are in sight., 9-10 months: Uses finger and thumb to hold a small object, 12-13th months: Manipulates and places toys. , 18 months: Builds a short tower with blocks. , 2 years (24 months): Draws lines and circles. Can turn a page in a book., 2  1/2  years  (30 months): Uses a spoon and fork. can build a tower of7-8 blocks., New Born: Holds their thumbs tucked into their hands.,

Gross & Fine Motor Skills: Developmental Milestones




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