1) Talking loudly into someone's ear 2) Sitting in a chair next to someone and keeping your hands in your lap. 3) Watching a movie and keeping your body and voice quiet 4) Cutting through and bumping into people in line 5) Sitting very close to someone 6) Putting your arm around someone without their permission 7) Standing near someone but not close enough to touch them 8) Surprising people with a pat on the back. 9) Hugging people in program 10) Looking at someone else's phone or computer 11) Taking someone else's food 12) Offering someone a seat at a table 13) Telling someone they need a haircut 14) Stepping in the way of someone walking who is blind. 15) Standing in between two people who are having a conversation.  16) Saying "excuse me" when you need someone's attention. 17) standing two arms lengths away from someone when you talk to them. 18) Yelling across the room to ask someone a question. 19) Answering a question that was asked of someone else. 20) Asking a question again when someone said they did not want to answer the first time.

Respecting people's space and privacy

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