Do you enjoy cooking?, What's your favourite film?, Do you like taking exercise?, Do you like vegetables? Which is your favourite?, What was the last film you watched?, Which is your favourite restaurant? Why?, How often do you go to the cinema?, What new sports would you like to try?, Do you enjou reading books?, Describe your last school trip., Do you often buy things on-line?, What kind of advertisements attract your attention?, Do you like watching commercials?, Do you ever buy second-hand things?, What is your favourite music / band / singer?, Do you do any sports regularly?, Which sport discipline do you enjoy most?, What's the worst movie you have ever seen?, What do you usually eat?, What sport do you think is the most expensive?, What kind of diet would you recommend to a friend who wants to lose weight?, What was the most interesting place you've ever visited?, Do you like watching horror films?, How often do you eat fresh fruit?, Which sport is the most dangerous?, How do you usually pay for your shopping?, Would you like to be a writer?, Are you a vegetarian? Why? Why not?, How often do you eat out?, Do you prefer doing or watching sport?, Which places in Poland would you like to visit?, What do you usually have for dinner?, Do you enjoy going on holiday with your parents?, Which means of transport do you prefer when you travel?, Do you prefer homemade or restaurant dishes?, Do you like travelling by train?, Which dishes do you avoid eating? Why?, Do you like shopping for clothes?, What's the funniest advertisement you've ever seen?, What is something that you've recently bought that was a good bargain?, Do you prefer travelling in Poland or abroad?, What sort of shops do you dislike?, Do you like sightseeing?, Do you always eat breakfast? Why?, Who's your favourite sports person?, Do you prefer shopping alone or with somebody?, Please describe your best holiday., How often do you eat fast food?, How much time do you spend listening to music?.


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