1) We ___________________________ football at the moment. a) playing b) play c) plays d) are playing 2) Tom ___________________________ his homework now. a) doesn't do b) isn't doing c) not doing d) not do 3) Look! I'm ___________________________ salsa! a) dancing b) dance c) am dancing d) 'm dancing 4) My sister ___________________________ in the pool at the moment. a) is not swimming b) don't swim c) not swimming d) doesn't swim 5) Susan's ______________________ a book at the moment. a) are reading b) reading c) is reading d) reads 6) I___________________________ basketball right now. a) don't play b) doesn't play c) am not playing d) not playing 7) You ___________________________ your lunch! It's going to be cold. a) aren't eating b) not eating c) don't eating d) don't eat 8) My friends _________________________ their bikes now. a) is riding b) are riding c) raides d) are raiding 9) The children _________________________ a comedy at the moment. a) 's watching b) watch c) watches d) are watching 10) Alice _________________________ breakfast now. a) doesn't have b) hasn't c) isn't having d) isn't have 11) Is Pamela _______________________ her school uniform? a) wear b) wearing c) wears d) not wear 12) Where ___________________ you _____________________ ? a) do / go b) are / goes c) is / going d) are / going

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