His dad has ______ a wholl bottle of water in five seconds. [pić, wypić] - He was the winner of the competition on the country fair., I have _______ to the hospital every Friday before it happened. [prowadzić] - Unfortunately that Friday I had an accident., In the myth Saturn has ______ his own son. [jeść] - Goya painted Saturn Devouring His Son in 1819., I have ______ in love with your grandpa when I was 24. [spaść] - I am 80 and I still regret it., She has _________ a donkey. [karmić] - The donkey bit her then., Mary has ________ ill all day. [czuć] - Around 4PM she asked for an afternoon off., The government has _______ the gangs for four decades now. [walczyć, zwalczać] - It became a lost fight in 1985., The main characters have _____ the mummy from 3 thousand years ago. [znaleźć] - It brought them a lot of trouble., Mark has _________ since 1979. [latać] - He is the best pilot I know., I can't believe you have _______ my birthday! [zapomnieć] - We are breaking up, John. Get out., The king has never _______ the traitor. [wybaczyć] - He lived abroad until the king's death., My mom has _______ bread since I was a kid. [zamrażać, zamarzać] - It's good even after a week., I have _______ a promotion last year. [dostać] - I bought a new car., He has ______ me his resignation letter last Friday. [dać] - I don't think he wants to work with you., She has ______ on vacation to Buenos Aires. [iść, jechać] - Her parents live in Argentina. , You have ______ so much since I last saw you! [rosnąć] - You were so small and chubby back then!, I have ______ an apple for breakfast today. [mieć] - I woke up too late to make something., Have you ______ about that fire last night? [słyszeć] - It's terrible. The wholl thatre burnt down., We have ______ under our dad's desk when we were children. [chować] - He always found our toys there., Kelly has ______ her knee on the car door. [uderzać] - She has gone to the ER.,

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