Life was better fifty years ago., English is destroying other languages., Football is more important than life or death., There is nothing wrong with having cosmetic surgery., Having as many children as you want is not a basic human right., Teachers should be able to use physical punishment., It’s better to be good-looking than intelligent., Money can buy you happiness., Terminally ill people have the right to end their life., We are not alone in the universe., Democracy is the best form of government., Black is the most elegant colour., Social networking sites are a waste of time., Mankind will eventually destroy the planet., The death penalty is justifiable for some crimes., Citizens carrying guns makes society safer., Some drugs should be legalised., Women are more complex than men., Immigration is generally a positive thing., You can’t be young and wise., Climate change is a myth., War and terrorism are never justifiable., The best music has already been written., Shoplifting is a victimless crime., A country gets the government it deserves..




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