rip the dress, when to yell, win at chess, what to tell, huff and puff, which will do, glass of milk, why to call, brush and floss, why to stress, off which bed, which is less, what skill, what to bless, cross which path, when to toss, why the ban, was how long, come and stand, had some drink, come with Stan, how strong, who to dunk, how to link, how to swing, who to thank, they did help, one big drum, was not last, do not gulp, have a plum, had one test, from that spot, swim to Fred, for the trap, went with Beth, do with Brad, to the trap, in one stop, they did snap, hunt for fun, for the quilt, they did golf, held one flag, do the list, stop to rest, for the print, was a find, have one shrimp, for the cold, they had slept, sold your bench, did one stunt, from the child, was not brisk, crust had mold, you trust him, hold your stick, they were blond, you had sold, where is scrap, you did most, the old stamp, were on hold.

Just Words Unit 2-3 Phrases

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