What did you do yesterday?, Where did you go on your last holidays? what did you do? , What was the last restaurant you went to? How was it? what did you eat?, What did you do last weekend?, What did you eat for lunch yesterday?, Who did you hang out with recently? What did you do together?, What was the last game you played? did you like it? Why? Why not?, When was the last time you rode a bycycle? Where did you go? Did you like it? Why? Why not?, Were you a well behave child? Explain., Talk about a happy holiday , Tell me about the last time you were really excited and why, Were you shy or friendly as a child? Describe your personality when you were 5-6 years old., Where were you yesterday afternoon? Describe what you did., What did you do last summer? Describe your holidays., Think of a couple you know and explain how they met..

Past simple questions - Speaking

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