1) Is the graphics card responsible for processing and displaying the image on the monitor? a) True b) False 2) Is the macOS operating system manufactured and distributed by Apple Inc? a) True b) False 3) What is a processor? a) It is a sequential digital device that fetches data from memory or a data stream, interprets it, and executes it as instructions, returning the data to memory or an output data stream. b) It is a device that outputs an electronic component (e.g. an integrated circuit) used to make electrical connections between a given component and other elements of the printed circuit. 4) What is the graphics card in a computer responsible for? a) It is responsible for sound processing b) It is responsible for processing and displaying the image on the monitor 5) Family of operating systems created by Microsoft. a) Linux b) macOS c) Windows 6) Replace two online programs that simulate the robot. a) GIMP, LibreOffice b) Open Roberta Lab, VEXcode VR 7) Select correct programming language. a) Java b) Mava c) Sava 8) Select correct one things that GIMP does. a) listening to songs b) scaling c) recording 9) Expand the CPU shortcut. a) Bottom Processing Unit. b) Control Processing Unit. c) Central Processing Unit. 10) Where in WordPad is helpful? a) It is helpful in formatting and printing text. b) It is helpful for recording sound. c) It is helpful in filming.

Choose the correct answers.

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