1) They're still on holiday. They __________ back home yet. a) didn't come b) haven't come c) hasn't come d) came not 2) Someone __________ my camera on the beach yesterday! a) stole b) have stolen c) has stolen d) stealed 3) Paula is crying because she __________ all her money. a) has just lost b) just lost c) have just lost d) has just losed 4) Last weekend Tom __________ me a very interesting story about his great-grandparents. a) have told b) has told c) told d) tell 5) I think we are all thirsty. We ___________ anything for quite a while. a) haven't drinked b) didn't drink c) didn't drunk d) haven't drunk 6) Grandpa _______ his first job at the age of 13. a) got b) has gotten c) get d) did get 7) We visited Julie yesterday, but we _________ her new husband yet. a) met b) hasn't met c) haven't met d) didn't meet 8) I _________ pizza for many weeks, I'm on a diet. a) haven't eaten b) didn't eat c) ate d) has eaten 9) We ___________ this book when we were at primary school. a) have read b) has read c) hasn't read d) read 10) _____________ to their dance class last night? a) Have they gone b) Have they went c) Has they gone d) Did they go 11) Is she still at home or _________________ for the airport? a) she left b) has she left c) she has leave d) she didn't left 12) ___________ you ever ________________  bungee jumping? a) Have _____ tried b) Has ______ tryed c) Did ______ try d) Did ______ tried 13) Martin _______________ off his bike while he was riding up the hill. a) fallen b) fell c) has fallen d) did fall 14) Last Monday Rita _______________ to help me with my Maths homework but she still _______________ it. a) has promised / hasn't done b) promised / haven't done c) promised / hasn't done d) has promised / didn't do

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