1) I saw a deer in the park yesterday but I couldn't take a photo because I ________ a lot of shopping bags. My hands were too full. a) carried b) was carrying c) carrying d) was be carrying e) was carried 2) It __________ when I was on the train. a) rained b) raining c) was raining d) is raining 3) I first _________ lobster when I was in Nova Scotia, Canada six years ago. a) tried b) try c) was trying d) am tried 4) He _______ go to New York last year, he went to New Orleans. a) did go b) wasn't going c) didn't went d) didn't go e) goed not 5) They started studying Japanese five years __________. a) of b) on c) ago d) since e) next f) last 6) I first _________ Madison while we were waiting to start our first class at university. a) meet b) meat c) was meeting d) met 7) Where _______ you _________ on holiday last year? a) do go b) was go c) were go d) go did e) did go f) did went 8) When I got home in the evening, she __________ flowers on the wall.   a) was drawing b) drew c) is drawing d) was draw 9) While mum and dad ____________, gran and granddad set the table. a) barbecue b) barbecuing c) were barbecuing  d) did barbecuing 10) What _______ at 7 pm last night? a) do you do b) were you doing c) did you doing d) were you e) did you were 11) We _________ basketball last Saturday. a) plaied b) was play c) did play d) played 12) I ___________ to my uncle when you called so I couldn't answer. a) talk b) talked c) talking d) was talking 13) I _______ to the beach after I finished cleaning the kitchen. a) went b) was going c) goes d) was go 14) When I met Amelia, she __________ for a computer company. a) did working b) working c) were work d) worked e) was working

Past Simple and Past Continuous

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