1) We ______________ this house for six years. a) has have b) have been having c) have had 2) How many countries ______________? a) have you visited b) have you been visiting c) you have visited d) you have been visiting 3) I _________ for you for 45 minutes. What took you so long! a) am waiting b) have waited c) have been waiting d) have been wait 4) I have had this watch _____ 20 years. a) for b) since c) of 5) How long _______________ on that project? a) have you been working b) have you worked c) you have been working d) you have worked 6) Sorry, I can't shake hands. My hands are dirty because I _________. a) have gardened b) garden c) have been gardening 7) I _________ here for three years and I still haven't visited the castle. a) have live b) have been living c) have be living 8) We __________ each other for ten years. a) has know b) have met c) have been knowing d) have known e) have meeting 9) She has eaten the same thing for breakfast ________ she was 10. a) for b) since c) at 10) I'm so tired! I ___________ the house all day. a) 'm been paint b) 's been paint c) 've been painting d) 've painted 11) ____________ have you been sleeping? You were asleep when I left ten hours ago and you look like you've only just woken up! a) How many b) How long c) How often 12) How are you? I ___________ you for ages! a) have see b) have been seeing c) haven't been seeing d) haven't seen 13) Sorry I haven't called you. My phone _______________ since last week.  a) has worked b) hasn't work c) working d) hasn't been working 14) She _________ to become a volcanologist since she was nine. a) has wanted b) has want c) has been wanting

Present Perfect Simple and Continuous

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