1) the first time you went abroad 2) your first car 3) a relative (who is dead now) 4) one of your friends at school 5) a party you really enjoyed 6) your grandparents 7) an important event from your childhood 8) your last holiday 9) a teacher at school you either liked a lot or hated a lot 10) the town or village where you grew up 11) your first boyfriend, girlfriend or love 12) a place where you used to spend summer as a child 13) what you used to do at weekends when you were a teenager 14) your first job 15) your first summer job 16) your (or somebody else's) wedding day 17) your first / favourite house or flat 18) an experience that was either frightening or embarrassing 19) a holiday that you didn't enjoy very much 20) your favourite toy as a child




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