1) Which prefix means: out of; away from? a) dis b) ex c) mis 2) The prefix that means not is (are)... a) dis b) un c) non d) all of the above 3) The word MISBEHAVE means a) to behave well b) to not behave c) Gosh, I need a lifeline! 4) The prefix that means in, into, and near is... a) il b) im c) en 5) Which prefix means not? a) il b) im c) in d) all of the above 6) Which prefix means wrongly or badly? a) en b) non c) mis 7) In the word transportation, the prefix is a) trans b) port c) tation 8) In the word exit, the prefix is a) ex b) it c) I need a lifeline! 9) What does the prefix in the word enlist mean? a) into b) in c) within d) all of the above 10) Both DIS and UN mean a) wrongly b) opposite of c) bad

Just Words Bonus Unit 1: Prefix/Roots


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