1) At the moment she ... a) is waking up. b) wakes up. 2) He often ... a) is painting. b) paints. 3) During the weekends he ...  a) is sleeping a lot. b) sleeps a lot. 4) Now it ... a) is jumping. b) jumps. 5) Now he ... a) is closing the door. b) closes the door. 6) Right now she ... a) is opening the window. b) opens the window. 7) On Fridays she ... a) is skating. b) skates. 8) He usually ... a) is playing tennis. b) plays tennis. 9) Every days she ... a) is drawing. b) draws. 10) He usually ... a) is reading. b) reads. 11) At the moment he ... a) is watching TV. b) watches TV. 12) Now she ... a) is singing. b) sings. 13) In this moment he ... a) is listening to music. b) listens to music.





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