How often do you think about the future?, What do you hope for your own future?, Where do you see yourself in ten, twenty, and fifty years from now?, What futuristic things from science fiction films do you want to happen in real life?, What will the world's biggest problem be in the future?, What does the past teach us about the future?, What technology will we be using in the future?, What are some major changes the world will see in the future?, Would you like to live for 100 years to see what the world will be like in the future?, What kind of neighbourhood will you live in when you get older?, What will cities look like 50 years from now? (think about: transportation, pollution, crime, advertising, buildings, work, shopping, nightlife), Do you think houses will be more environmentally friendly in the future?, What will happen if we keep polluting the environment?, Will the climate keep changing or go back to normal?, Will science find a solution to the environmental problems we have?, What kind of science-fiction film will the future be like?, Will humans ever meet aliens? What will the meeting be like?, Will computers ever take over the world?, Will robots replace humans?, Will robots have feelings one day?, Would you become half-robot if it meant living 1000 years?, Would you like to have a robot in your house?, Will we be able to add machines to our body to improve it in the future?, What are the positive and negative effects of technology in the future?, How will mobile phones change?, How will transportation develop?, What will cars of the future do?, What crazy future technology are you looking forward to?, Would you like to live in cyberspace? What could you do there? How would it differ from reality?, Will humans live on another planet? When?, Will there be one global culture? If so, what will it be like?, How will fashion change in the future?, What kind of music will people listen to?, What will education be like in the future?, How will medicine and health care change in the future?, What is the future of money?, How do you think your country will change in the future?, How will the USA and the world order change in the future?, Do you think life will be more difficult or easier for our grandchildren? In what ways?, How can we preserve the future for the next generations?, Will time travel be possible one day?, Can fortune-tellers predict the future?, What will you do after this class?.

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