What is your favourite film?, If you could travel in time, who would you like to meet? , If you could invite somebody to dinner, who would it be? , Is sport important in your life? Why?, Would you like to learn Chinese? , What is the best film you have ever seen? , What is the most exotic food you have ever eaten? , Why do people want to learn English? , What is your favourite subject? , What would you take with you if you travelled to Mars? , What Polish film would you recommend to watch? , What was your favourite cartoon when you were a child? , Should children be sent to pre-school or should they stay at home with their parents until they go to school? , What is the most boring housework in your opinion? , What is the name of your favourite dinosaur? , Where would you like to live: in the city, in the country, in the mountains or at the seaside? , What dish can you prepare? , Is it important to read books? , Would you be able to live without TV? , What is your favourite computer game? , How many times a day do you look at your mobile? , What do you prefer: school or virtual classes? , What will happen in 100 years? , What does it mean to live ecologically? .




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