Our dog__________________(often / sleep) on the sofa., ______________________(We / tidy) up the garden at the moment., ______________________(Mary / not / watch) TV very often., You can borrow my laptop. ____________________(I / not / use) it right now., This week my dad _______________________ (not / drive) me and my sister to school., My mum _______________________(put up) the curtains right now., ____________________(We / usually /eat) dinner in the garden when it's warm., He __________________(not / go) out today. He __________________(study) at home., My dad _______________(hardly ever / drive) to work. , He _________________ (sometimes / take) the bus to work. But this month he _______________ (ride) a bike., She _____________(have) piano lessons once a week., My mum __________________(never / eat) meat..





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