while: I fell asleep ... I was doing my homework. , She heard a nice song on the radio ... she was driving her car. , He met his friend ... he was walking in the park., Rita's friend phoned ... she was having a coffee., The doorbell rang ... we were eating lunch. , They found some money in the street ... they were walking., I left the house ... my cat was sleeping., We broke our rackets ... we were playing badminton., Dad came home ... mum was reading a book., The dog ran onto the pitch ... they were playing football!, when: I was riding a bike ... I saw Olaf., She was making dinner ... the bell rang., He was working on his laptop ... it crashed., I was playing Minecraft ... the Internet crashed., We were walking home ... it started to rain. , My brother was playing computer games ... I came home from school., She was sleeping ... she got a text message., I was swimming in the sea ... I saw a shark!, The monkey was smiling ... I took the picture., The fans were singing ... the match began.,




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