1) They ... tennis every Saturday afternoon. a) play b) plays c) playing 2) The jaguar ... fast. a) run b) runs c) runes 3) I ... skating every winter. a) go b) gos c) goes 4) He ... very well. a) don't swim b) doesn't swim c) don't swims 5) The boy always ... when he watches a sad film. a) cry b) cries c) crys 6) They ... English every Monday and Thursday. a) learn b) learns c) learnes 7) Lucas ... TV every evening. a) watch b) watchs c) watches 8) She ... her room on Fridays. a) don't tidy b) doesn't tidies c) doesn't tidy 9) I ... at school because I'm a teacher. a) work b) works c) workes 10) Miranda ... vanilla ice cream. a) love b) loves c) lovs 11) She often ... orange juice for lunch at the weekend. a) drink b) drinkes c) drinks 12) He ... at the dance school three times a week. a) dance b) dancess c) dances 13) We ... at restaurants on weekdays. a) don't eat b) don't eats c) doesn't eat 14) It often ... in autumn. a) rain b) rains c) raines 15) We never ... to school on Sundays. a) goes b) gos c) go

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