What’s up? - I'm just a bit sleepy., What a terrific dress! - How nice of you to say that!, Fancy going to the cinema? - Why not?, I’m not into computer games. - Neither am I., What shall we do now? - I haven't got the faintest idea., Have you been in touch with Mark? - Not yet, but I will be., When should I start? - The sooner the better., Good luck in the exam. - Thanks. I'll need it.,  We're off then. See you in a week. - Have a safe journey!, What would you rather do? - I'd prefer to go swimming., Do you agree that young people must read books? - Only to some extent., What’s her favourite pastime? - She's quite keen on snowboarding., Why on earth did you have an argument? - I wish I knew how it had all started., What's she like? - Outgoing and self-confident., I was wondering if you could help me. - What with exactly?, Why are you angry with Mary? - She always makes such a mess.,

Matura - Use of English (Mini-dialogues)




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