1) track + ed = a) tracked b) trackked c) traced 2) string + ing = a) stringging b) stringing c) stringeing 3) scrape + ing = a) scapeing b) scraping c) scrapping 4) skate + ed = a) skateed b) skatted c) skated 5) fist + ful = a) fisteful b) fisteful c) fistful 6) brave + ly  a) bravely b) bravly c) braveely 7) include + ed a) includeed b) included c) includded 8) hope + less = a) hopeless b) hopless c) hopeeless 9) demonstrate + ed = a) demonstratted b) demonstrateed c) demonstrated 10) When a word ends in 'e' and you add a vowel suffix, you.... a) double the e and add the suffix b) drop the e and add the suffix c) just add the suffix

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