1) Did you ____ your friend last week? a) visit b) visited c) visits d) visiting 2) John ____ his room on Saturday. a) painted b) paint c) paints 3) ____ this game last week? a) Do you play b) Did you play c) Did you played d) You play 4) I ______ last winter. a) don't skate b) didn't skate c) didn't skated d) not skated 5) Monkeys ________ this tree yesterday. a) climbed b) did climb c) open d) opened 6) My mother _____ a cake on Sunday. a) cook b) played c) passed d) baked 7) Did you watch a football game _______? a) tomorrow b) last week c) usually d) always 8) ____ at school yesterday? a) Were you b) Was you c) Did you be d) Did you were 9) They _____ a lot at the last lesson. a) did laughed b) are laughing c) laughed d) did laugh e) laughs 10) _____ at the circus? a) You clap b) You clapped c) You did clapped d) Did you clap 11) He _____ walk his dog on Friday. a) not b) didn't c) doesn't 12) My sister ____ the dishes yesterday. a) play b) climbed c) cooks d) washed




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