Past Simple and Past Continuous (The sun was shining and she started singing.): yesterday, two months ago, last month, last Wednesday, three years ago, this morning, Past Perfect (I realised I had left the briefcase at home.): before, after, by the time, Present Simple (Does she swim on Tuesdays?): usually, hardly ever, often, always, sometimes, twice a week, four times a day, once a year, every Monday, on weekdays, Present Continuous (for present actions) (Mary's going to school.): now, right now, at the moment, tonight, today, Future tenses (Will you buy me a snack?): tomorrow, by 2022, this time next week, next Sunday, in two hours, in five days, by then, by the end of the week, Present Perfect (I've met Brad Pitt.): since, for, already, yet, just, ever, lately/recently,

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