Twórz lepsze zajęcia w krótszym czasie
I think about it often , How many windows are there?, I need to do this today , It is true , I have a problem opening the link , Is there a chair in your bedroom? , They are looking for new customers , I agree with this , It is not a good idea , I need to finish a project , Where were you born? , They are reading a book, Will you do the shopping , She uses all of these devices , Have you ever been to London , I know how to play basketball , She has to drink a lot of water , He likes listening to music , I don't like when it is raining , This is a difficult task , Did they go to work yesterday? , You have to clean your room , She looks like her mother , Do you have a problem? , I am cooking in the kitchen, The article is about cooking , We went to the cinema yesterday, You should go to the dentist , I think that this is the best decision , They should solve this problem, They don't listen to me, I need to see an example , All of them are American , I watched a part of the film , There is a dog on the sofa , Is there any milk in the fridge? , I saw her a month ago , You need to go to the doctor once a year , She will call me , I need to go to the shop, Have they got a cat? , Would you like to buy a newspaper about photography? , Do you know anything about Queen Elizabeth? , I should learn how to sew a T-shirt, I have to drink a lot of water a day , Exercising regularly is good for your health , I do not like when somebody is screaming , Do you have to visit your grandmother today? , I visit him from time to time , Did you study for the test? .




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