Should a volleyball player be tall, short or of ____? Is it better to be skinny, slim or ____? Which famous person is really ____? Is your best friend young, old or ____? What are you ____ with? Do you prefer checked, ____ or plain clothes? Are you shy or ____? When someone gambles at a casino, is he a ____? When do people wear a ____ or trainers? What is your marital ____? Are you satisfied or ____ with your English? Why do people ____? When do you ____ quickly? Are you ____ reading books? Which household ____ do you hate the most? Do you call your husband’s or wife’s mother your ____? What do you think of your English ____? Are you in your ____if you turned 19 last year? In which ____ should people be creative? In which profession is ____ very important?





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