1) What are the countries in Great Britain? a) Wales, N.Ireland, England, Scotland b) Wales, Poland, England, Ireland c) Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland d) Spain, Wales, England 2) What is the name of the Queen of Great Britain? a) Monalisa b) Princess Kate c) Elizabeth II d) Britney Spears 3) What is this? a) Tower Bridge b) The Big Ben c) Hammersmith d) London eye 4) What is that? a) Hammersmith b) The Big Ben c) London eye d) Tower Bridge 5) What animal is found on the flag of Wales? a) Tiger b) Eagle c) Lion d) Lemur e) Dragon f) Wolf 6) What river flows through London? a) Trent b) Severn c) Tamiza d) Great Ouse e) Wye f) Tay 7) What's this? a) Bus b) Big Car c) Double Decker d) Train 8) What are the names of Prince Charles sons? a) Philip, Edward b) Harry, Philip c) William, Edward d) Harry, William 9) What is that? a) London eye b) The Big Ben c) Hammersmith 10) What is that? a) Buckingham Palace b) Double Decker c) Tower Bridge 11) Who lives there? a) Monalisa b) Elizabeth II c) Beyonce 12) What is the capital city of Ireland? a) Dublin b) Belfast c) Warsaw d) Moscow 13) What is the capital city of England? a) Moscow b) Belfast c) Dublin d) London 14) What is the capital city of Scotland? a) Edinburgh b) London c) Cardiff d) Lisbon 15) What is the capital city of Wales? a) Madrid b) London c) Cardiff d) Berlin 16) What is the capital city of N.Ireland? a) Belfast b) Moscow c) London d) Edinburgh 17) Does Russia belong to Great Britain? a) Yes b) No 18) How old is Elizabeth II? (2020) a) 82 b) 94 c) 101 d) 87 19) In which year Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in Great Britain? a) 2019 b) 1996 c) 2017 d) 2015 20) What is it? a) Tower Bridge b) London eye c) Buckingham Palace 21) What is the official language in the UK? a) English b) Scotish c) Spanish d) Polish 22) At what time is "Tea Time" in England? a) At 12 p.m b) At 3 p.m c) At 5 p.m d) At 1 p.m 23) What's the name of the longest river in the United Kingdom? a) Tamiza b) Severn c) Trent d) Great Ouse 24) Who is this? a) Dr. Dolittle b) Elizabeth II c) Sherlock Holmes d) Dr. Watson 25) What color are the famous London taxis? a) yellow b) green c) white d) black e) blue 26) What was the name of the most famous detective from London? a) Dr. Dolittle b) Sherlock Holmes c) Dr. Watson d) Lord Blackwood 27) Who is the current prime minister of Great Britain? (2020) a) Theresa May b) Donald Trump c) Barack Obama  d) Boris Johnson e) Michelle Obama 28) What year was the Great Fire of London? a) 1666 b) 1676 c) 1667 d) 1668 29) What currency is used in the UK? a) Euro b) Dollar c) Pound sterling 30) When is Boxing Day celebrated? a) December 25 b) December 26 c) November 24 d) November 25 31) What dessert do the English eat during Christmas? a) Cheese pie b) Apple pie c) Christmas pudding 32) What is the symbol of Halloween? a) Jack-o-lantern b) Christmas tree c) Easter egg d) Easter bunny 33) Who is this? a) William Shakespeare b) Dr. Dolittle c) Sherlock Holmes d) Dr. Watson 34) When is halloween celebrated? a) October 30 b) October 31 c) November 1 d) November 31 35) What musical instrument is the national symbol of Scotland? a) Bagpipe b) Guitar c) Piano d) Violin 36) Who is the patron saint of England? a) St. George b) St. Andrew c) St. David d) St. Patryk 37) What plant is the symbol of Scotland? a) Violet b) Thistle c) Tulip d) Forget-me-not 38) What is the name of the largest National Park of Wales? a) Snowdonia b) Breacon Beacons c) Pembrokeshire d) Elan Valley 39) What colors are on the UK flag? a) Blue, orange, black b) Red, white, pink c) Red, blue, yellow d) Red, blue, white 40) How many letters are in the English alphabet? a) 25 b) 24 c) 27 d) 26 e) 28 f) 23

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