1) A: Do your homework, please. B: I can't think, Dad. I've got a terrible ... . a) headache b) cold c) soar throat 2) A: It's lunchtime, everyone! B: I don't want lunch. I ate too much and now I have a .... . a) earache b) temperature c) stomachache 3) A: I feel terrible. B: Your head is hot. I think you've got a ... . a) runny nose b) cough c) temperature 4) A: Can I stay at home today, Mum? I'm coughing and I've got a runny nose. B: Hm... You have a bad ... . OK, go to bed. a) stomachache b) cold c) blocked nose 5) A: I have a ... doctor. B: Open your mouth. Hm... yes, it is red. a) temperature b) toothache c) sore throat




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