1) Where does Santa live? a) POLAND b) NORTH POLE c) ENGLAND 2) What colour is his suit? a) BLACK b) WHITE c) RED 3) What colour are his boots? a) BROWN b) BLACK c) WHITE 4) Does he wear glasses? a) YES b) NO 5) How does he go from house to house? a) ON A HORSE b) IN A SLEIGH c) BY SUPER CAR 6) Who’s the most famous reindeer? a) RUDOLPH b) DASHER c) COMET 7) What colour is Rudolph’s nose? a) SILVER b) GOLD c) RED 8) How does he use to get to your house? a) A CHIMNEY b) A DOOR c) A WINDOW 9) Who helps Santa to make toys at the North Pole? a) ELVES b) REINDEERS c) FRANKIE 10) What do children hang up for Santa to put the toys in? a) CHRISTMAS STOCKING b) CHRISTMAS BOX c) CHRISTMAS BAG 11) What do children leave for Santa to thank him for the gifts? a) MILK AND COOKIES b) PIZZA c) MONEY 12) What do we call a human-like looking cookie? a) COOKIE MAN b) GINGERBREAD MAN c) SANTA'S COOKIE

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