1) When is Christmas day? a) 25th December b) 24th December c) 26th December 2) What kind of children don't get presents? a) Naughty b) Good c) Excellent 3) What colour is Santa's beard? a) Black b) Brown c) White 4) How does Santa get inside people’s houses? a) Window b) Door c) Chimney 5) What colour is holly? a) Brown b) Green c) Purple 6) Which bird do people often eat at Christmas? (England) a) Turkey b) Duck c) Chicken 7) When is Boxing Day? a) 25th December b) 24th December c) 26th December 8) How many reindeer does Santa have? a) Nine b) Ten c) Eleven 9) When is Christmas Eve? a) 26th December b) 24th December c) 25th December 10) What do the reindeer pull? a) Santa's sleigh b) Santa's car c) Santa's motorbike 11) What is on top of the Christmas tree? a) Ball b) Lights c) Star 12) Where does Santa live? a) England b) North Pole c) Italy 13) Who makes the toys that Santa brings? a) Elves b) Santa c) Reindeer 14) Is Santa married? a) No b) Yes 15) Name a Christmas song. a) Rudolph the red nose reindeer b) We are the champions c) Break my heart 16) What’s a popular Christmas dessert? (England) a) Fruit salad b) Christmas pudding c) Apple pie 17) Which reindeer has a red, shiny nose? a) Cupid b) Dasher c) Rudolph 18) What do we hang near the fireplace for Santa to put presents in? (England) a) Christmas stockings b) Shoes c) Trousers 19) How many times does Santa check his ‘naughty and nice’ list? a) Two times b) Three times c) Four times 20) Give another name for Santa. a) Jack Frost b) Rudolph c) Father Christmas 21) What do children leave out for Santa to eat? a) Bread and water b) Biscuits and milk c) Pizza and coke 22) What four letter word is short for Christmas? a) Xmas b) Pudd c) Pies 23) What does Santa travel in? a) Car b) Sleigh c) Bus 24) What do people light at Christmas? a) Tree b) Bonfire c) Candle 25) What do people sing at Christmas? a) Carols b) Opera c) Pop songs




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