When I came into the kitchen, my dog had goo-goo eyes and a fat belly. He ____ ____ all my sausages. Joe ____ ____ out before ____ ____ at the party. I offered Jane something to eat but she refused. She____ ____ lunch before. Last year we went to Spain and it was our first time there. We ____ ____ in Spain before. I was late for school. The bus ____ ____ down. We ____ the police as soon as the accident ____ ____. Ann ____ just ____ home when I ____. Samantha ____ know that man. She____ never ____ him before. At first I thought I ____ it right but then I realised that I ____ a mistake. The house ____ dirty. They ____ ____ it for weeks. Snowboards ____ already ____ in use in 19th century before they ____ popular. Roxy ____ famous after she ____ ____ in Eurovision Kids.

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