1) What's your ___________ name? a) again b) surname c) last 2) ___________ my friend, Sam - Hi Sam! a) This is b) This c) Is 3) ___________ the window, please! a) Listen b) Close c) Look 4) Please write ___________! a) you name b) name c) your name 5) ___________ page six! a) Listen b) Look c) Read 6) How ___________ your name, please? a) spell you b) do you spell c) you spell 7) That's ___________. a) an umbrella b) umbrella c) a umbrella 8) What's your ___________ ? - It's Morris - James Morris. a) number b) first c) surname 9) Hello, I'm Cindy. - ___________ meet you! a) Pleased to b) Please c) Pleased 10) What ___________ "cancelled" mean? a) does b) is c) it's 11) How ___________ "vino" in English? a) do you say b) you say c) say you 12) Coffee, please! - Here ___________. a) you are b) are you c) is 13) Nice ___________ you, too. a) meet b) to meet c) meets 14) ....two, three, ___________, five... a) nice b) four c) six 15) ___________ ? - It's a bag. a) What's this? b) What this c) This what is 16) I'm sorry. I ___________ understand. a) don't b) not c) no 17) My ___________ is John White. a) name's b) name c) names 18) Excuse me, ___________? a) what means "cheers" b) what does "cheers" mean c) "cheers" what mean 19) Here you are - ___________ a) Thank you! b) Thank c) Thanks you 20) What's that? - It's ___________ a) table b) a table c) an table




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