1) Emma is ............ than Sue. a) the oldest b) older c) more old 2) I'm 11 years old. My sister is 6. She is .... than me. a) younger b) more young c) the youngest 3) Who is .... person in your family? a) taller b) the tallest c) more tall 4) I think maths isn't .... than history. a) interesting b) interestinger c) more interesting  5) What is .... place in your town? a) the most beautiful b) more beautiful c) beautifuler 6) My dad is .... person in his office. a) more important b) the most important c) important 7) Robert Lewandowski is .... Polish footballer. a) better b) good c) the best 8) You look .... than your sister. a) happier b) happyer c) more happy 9) In my opinion bungee jumping is ................. than skiinng.  a) more exciting b) the most exciting c) the more exciting 10) It is .... to live in the big city than in a small and quiet village.  a) bad b) the worst c) worse 11) Rysy is .... mountain in our country. a) the highest b) higher c) more high 12) August is .... than April. a) hotter b) the hottest c) hot 13) This pencil case is $ 25 and that pencil sharpener is $ 15. The pencil case is .... a) expensive b) more expensive c) the most expensive 14) Lions are ...than elephants. a) dangerouser b) the most dangerous c) more dangerous 15) My cousin likes biology, because it's .... for him than history. a) easy b) easier c) easyer

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