1) How long have you been studying English? 2) What do you enjoy most about studying English? 3) What kinds of things do you like to read for fun? Why? 4) Is there a particular programme or kind of programme that you enjoy watching? 5) Are you influenced more by what you see or what you read? Why? 6) What kind of working environment would suit you best? Why? 7) What sort of job would you never like to do? Why? 8) Which forms of public transport do you prefer? Why? 9) In what ways is knowing a foreign language useful to you now? 10) How do you expect language skills to be important to you in the future? 11) What sorts of things can spoil a holiday for you? 12) Which people from your extended family do you have most contact with?  13) What kind of outdoor activities do you enjoy? Why? 14) What do you like and dislike about the area where you live? 15) If you moved to another area, where would you like to live?





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