What clothes do you like wearing?, What are your hobbies?, What character traits does your best friend have?, Where would you like to live – in a city, a town or in the country?, Can you describe your room or any room in your house?, What should the perfect teacher be like?, How would you like to earn your living in the future?, How do you spend your free time?, How do you prepare for important tests or exams?, What do you like eating?, What is your favourite subject at school? Why?, On what occasions do you meet your family or friends?, Would you like to work during the summer holidays? Why/Why not?, Do you buy products on the Internet? If so, what do you buy?, Do you eat out? What do you eat then?, Do you like travelling? Where do you usually travel to?, What sports do you like doing?, What interesting places have you visited recently?, What is your favourite film or book and why?, What music do you usually listen to?, Do you prefer watching films at home or at the cinema? Why?, What sports do you like watching?, What do you do to stay healthy?, What do you usually use your computer for?, Do you have a pet at home? If so, tell me more about your pet., Who is your favourite sportsman/sportswoman? Why? Who is your favourite sportsman/sportswoman? Why? , If you had to decide: no mobile or no computer – what option would you choose? Why?, Would you like to be a politician? Why/Why not?, What weather do you like most?, Would you like to live and work in the USA? Why/Why not?.





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