Dominoes cost $10.00 and toy cars cost 3 times as much. How much do the toy cars cost? , Antenia bought 2 slices of pizza for $4 a slice and Ms. Beth had a coupon and her 2 slices only cost $2 total. How much did Antenia and Ms Beth spend together on there pizza? , Each trivia team has 3 players there were 9 teams how many players where there all together?, There were six rows of books on the shelf and eight books in each row. How many books where in the library?, Ms Miller spent $5 on cat food while Za'mya spent $4 on her dog food how much did they spend on the pet food total?, Jaliyah had 9 candy bars Sophia had 3 times as many as Jaliyah. How many candy bars did Sophia have?, Ms. Cummings picked 12 tomatoes and Ms Miller picked 3 times as many. How many tomatoes did Ms Miller pick?, Ms Beth's house needed 12 new windows. The builder had already installed 2. If it takes 8 hours to install each window, how long will it take to install the rest?, Ms Goins invited 15 friends for a party, but 7 couldn’t come. If she wanted to buy enough cookies so each person could have exactly 5, how many should she buy?, Sophia made cupcakes for her seven friends each friend had two cupcakes and Sophia had one. How many cupcakes did they eat in all?.

Math Word Problems Multiplication Grade 3

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