1) You can _____ a souvenir on holiday. a) buy b) stay c) visit d) read 2) You can _____ in a hotel. a) visit b) buy c) stay d) do 3) You can go ___________ on holiday. a) sightseeing b) water sports c) a souvenir d) a guidebook 4) You can __________ water sports. a) go b) read c) do d) visit 5) You can ____ camping on holiday. a) visit b) do c) explore d) go 6) You can _____ an area on holiday. a) swim b) explore c) buy d) go 7) You can go on a boat _____ along the river. a) trip b) travel c) day d) food 8) You can go on a day ____________. a) food b) beach c) trip d) area 9) You can go on a __________ tour. a) souvenir b) guided c) guide d) food 10) You can __________ the local food. a) swim b) go c) snorkelling d) try

Go Getter 3 Unit 3.1


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