1) A:Could you give ___ the magazine? I want to read it. B: Not , _____ sorry. I’m reading it. a) bring b) close c) course d) me  e) now f) sorry 2) A: Can you _______ me my tablet, please? I want to check the train times. B: Yes, of ______ . a) close b) bring c) course d) have e) now f) sorry 3) A: Can I _______ the camera? I want to take a photo. B: ______, you can’t. I’m taking one now.  a) have b) Sorry c) bring d) course e) problem 4) A: Could you ______ the window, please? It’s cold. B: No ______ . a) have b) now c) close d) problem

Go Getter 3 Unit 3.4


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