1) My friends ____________ in the park yesterday. a) play b) playing c) played 2) My mum ________ chicken last Sunday. a) cooks b) cooked c) cooking 3) Mary ______ TV yesterday. a) watched b) watches c) watching 4) Bob and Mike ______me yesterday. a) help b) helping c) helped 5) We ________ into the forest an hour ago. a) walking b) walked c) walk 6) I ________ that mountain last summer. a) climbed b) climb c) climbing 7) My uncle _______ at the hospital 5 years ago. a) washed b) worked c) climbed 8) His sister ________ him do his homework. a) helped b) walked c) played 9) I _________ in the park yesterday. a) played b) washed c) cooked 10) The teacher _________ to Italy last summer. a) travelled b) travel c) travelling


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