1) Timmy, the wisest lad, 2) told the scary legend 3) after dinner 4) due to carelessness 5) the cutest dancer 6) away from the robber 7) because she was ashamed 8) grabbed the grimy object 9) hid her engagement ring 10) during the introduction 11) bravely 12) on the frozen tundra 13) The scared puppy whined and moped while looking for his mom. 14) Tim smiled while shaving and because of this, he scraped his chin. 15) “I don’t know how you see through those smudged glasses,” chided Grandma. 16) Because he was lonely, the caged animal paced in his stall and refused to even sniff his dinner. 17) “Wading in the tide is so tiring,” complained Jessica. 18) Cindy stretched, inhaled the icy air, and smiled in anticipation as she carefully laced her running shoes. 19) He quickly opened the filing cabinet, grabbed the files, and threw them in the shredder.

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