1) Ann feels like ... rock climbing today. a) to go b) go c) going 2) I don't want ... in an office. a) to work b) working c) to working d) work 3) He's looking forward ... to his boss. a) talking b) talk c) to talk d) to talking 4) She'd like... a new sport this summer. a) trying b) try c) to try 5) She decided ... with kids this year. a) working b) work c) to work 6) He plans ... smartly for the next meeting. a) dress b) dressing c) to dress 7) Do you mind ... a window? It's very stuffy in here. a) opening b) open c) to open 8) He hates ... breakfast too early. a) have b) having c) to have 9) ... in mining industry is very dangerous. a) Working b) Work c) To work 10) This quiz was not as difficult ... as the big test. a) do b) to do c) doing




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