1) My sister _____ (tidy) her room yesterday. a) tidied b) tidy c) tidyed 2) We ___ (live) in London last summer. a) lived b) live c) liveed 3) Sandra and Elsa ____ (talk) on the phone last night. a) talked b) talks c) talkied 4) He __ (not work) because he was too tired. a) doesn't work b) didn't work c) not worked 5) It ____ (rain) a lot last night. a) rained b) rainy c) rains 6) ____ your friends _____ ( dance) at the party on Friday? a) Did, dance b) Do, dance c) Did,danced 7) My brother ______ ( water) plants yesterday. a) watered b) waters c) water 8) _____ you _____ (like) the film last night? a) Do you like b) Did you liked c) Did you like


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