1) Alice ____ (paint) a picture yesterday. a) paint b) painted 2) Diane ___ ( go) to school every day. a) go b) goes c) went 3) _____ you _____ (like) this new film? a) Do you like b) Did you like c) Does you like 4) Sam ___ ( want) to buy new book, but the shop was closed. a) want b) wants c) wanted 5) Lucy always ____ (cook) a dinner. a) cook b) cooks c) cooked 6) ____ she ______ ( look) at the stars last night? a) Did she look b) Does she look c) Did she looked 7) Tom _____ (visit) his grandparents a week ago. a) visited b) visit c) visits 8) ____ the baby happy when you smiled at him (be) ? a) Was b) Were c) Is 9) Dad ______ ( work) every day. a) work b) worked c) works 10) The temperature _____ (be) cold last night. a) was b) were c) is 11) _______ did he buy new T-shirt? - At the shop. a) Where b) What c) When 12) _____ the tent heavy (be) ? a) Is b) Are c) Am 13) Tinny ____ ( not work) on last Tuesday. a) didn't work b) doesn't work c) didn't worked 14) ______ does she go every day? - She goes to school. a) Where b) When c) What


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