How many people are in your family? Do you have any brothers or sisters? How old are they?, Do you get on well with your brothers or sisters? How often do you see your cousins?, How old are your parents? Describe your mum and dad look?, Why are you learning English? What do you think is the most difficult thing to learn about English?, Have you ever visited an English-speaking country? How can you improve your listening skills?, How can speaking English help you in the future?, Why do we need clothes? Discuss the reasons., Why people spend lots of money on fashion?, What do clothes tell about our personalities?, Do you enjoy shopping for clothes? Why or why not?, What is your favourite food? How often do you eat it? What food will you not eat? Why?, Do you enjoy shopping? How often do you go shopping? Are name of brands important to you?, How many countries have you been to? Are there any countries you don't like or wouldn't like to visit?, What is your mum/dad? What is your dream job? Are you going to take a gap year?, When and where were you born?, How did you celebrate your last birthday? What were you wearing?, What did you do last summer? What are you going to do this summer?, What does it mean "to be a good teacher"?, Do you enjoy cooking? Who cooks in your family? What did you have for breakfast yesterday?, Why do you attend English lessons?.

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