1) My mother ____ (bake) a cake. a) will bake b) bakes c) will be bake 2) My father _____ (wash) the dishes after dinner. a) will wash b) will be wash c) washes 3) ___ you ___ me with homework tomorrow? (help) a) Will help b) Will be help c) Do help 4) I ___ (win) this game. a) will win b) will be win c) win 5) He ____ (call) you soon. a) call b) will be call c) will call 6) Next week she ____ (be) 5 years old. a) will  b) will be c) is 7) You ( not be ) a doctor. a) won't be b) will be 8) I ____ (help) you tomorrow. a) help b) will c) will help 9) ____ you ___ a book? (read) a) Will read b) Will be read c) Do read 10) Don't worry, I ____ (not tell) anyone. a) don't tell b) won't tell


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