What kinds of food do you like? What is your favourite dish?, What food is most popular with the school children?, What is a typical breakfast for you? Is it good to skip it? Why? Why not?, How many meals a day do you usually have?, What is a three-course meal? Where can you have it?, Which is the main meal of the day? When do you have it?, How often do you have snacks during the day? What do you usually have for a bite?, How often do you eat out? What kind of places do you usually go to?, Do you prefer home cooked meals to junk food or snacks?, How often do you have family meals?, What food do you treat yourself to on special occasions like birthdays parties, weddings or other celebrations?, What kind of food do vegetarians eat?, What are usually the reasons for a person to go on a diet?, Who usually serves breakfast ( lunch, dinner) in your family?.

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