Gaysian - A gay, Asian, Man, Kiki - a term originating in the African American community used to describe a relaxing gathering providing music and dance (, Queer - many African American individuals strongly identify with this word because of its sociopolitical connotation and celebration of diversity and pride (, Boi - for lesbians, a boi is a woman who is biologically female, but has a boyish appearance or presentation. A boi may be lesbian identified or he, she, or ze may be trans-identified. For gay men, a boi is a gay man who is boyish or young in appearance. This term is often used in the African American community (, Chi Chi Man  - a term originating from Caribbean culture and used to describe a gay man (, Bean Queen - a homosexual man attracted to Latino men (, Same Gender Loving - SGL stands for same-gender-loving. SGL is an identity generally reserved for people of color who simply feel that the gay community is just too White for them (, Two-Spirit - a term some Native American cultures use for people whose gender identity includes both man and woman. Traditionally, two-spirited individuals are respected and celebrated (LGTBQ Center, University of Rhode Island, 2013).,



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